Are you paying to send traffic to your business? Great! Are you sending them to your website? You ARE???


Seriously, you really need to KNOW exactly where you are sending your (paid) traffic to, and your website – as pretty as it is – isn’t where you want them to go!

Your website is your little piece of internet real estate, and it’s unique and personal to you, but to the consumer, it’s mostly informational. While it’s important to have a great website, that’s not where you want to send paid traffic.

Your website offers information like who you are, what you offer, and how to contact you. (BTW – all three of those components should be displayed clearly on the home page above the fold.)

If you need any type of digital help for your business, my partners and I can help. From Website Design to SEO, FB & Google Ads, Reputation Management, GMB & NAP Listings, Video, Social Media, Message and Email Marketing, LinkedIn Leads, and more.

We also offer Digital Visibility Reports – it’s like a digital health check-up for your business >>> we examine your current visibility, marketing, reputation, and ranking, as well as that of your top 3 competitors. We then create a detailed marketing action plan based on that information, which becomes an asset you own.

Let’s chat about where you want your business to go from here. Consultations are always free! Message me on FB, text (226) 779-7755, or click the link below to book your call!

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