How To Transform Your Negativity Into Positive Energy That Serves You

Recently, for about three weeks, I was without an internet connection.  I know – GASP!!  My link to positive energy was gone!!!

It was horrible. Almost debilitating. Unbelieveably frustrating.

Or so I thought – at first.

I was about seven or eight days into this hellish nightmare I had created for myself, (I cancelled my internet connection before being connected with a different company!) when I realized that I was pushing hard against my current situation and it was getting me nowhere.  All on my own, because of my negative thinking, I was making my days miserable for no reason. 

Yes, I was upset about having no connection, but being upset was creating more frustration about my mistake and not producing anything.  I wasn’t even thinking about what I could get done while I was offline. My focus was negatively energized and it wasn’t serving me in any way.


I wasn’t even looking at all the newly acquired time (positive energy) I had just gained!


All I could see was what I had done wrong, and what I COULDN’T do because of it!

Now that I’m looking at it, I can’t even believe I let myself go there.  Me – Miss Positivity.

But it happens. 

Everybody walks down this road at some point, dragging their ass and their pride behind them. What I observed in these three weeks is that negativity can be dangerous when it’s allowed to brew. 

It can manifest into a pity party, which we have all experienced at some point before. Go through it if you must, but know that it’s temporary.

It’s ok to be pissed, cry, yell, feel sorry for yourself, sob, clench your teeth and fists, or whatever, but eventually, you have to let it pass through you and get on with life.

And how do you do that?

Well, now that the pity party is over, (hopefully, it was short!) it’s time to get shit done. Get to work!

What were your intentions before the shit hit the fan?  Are they the same or have they shifted now?

Pick Yourself Up and Start Doing What You Haven’t Been Doing To Manifest Your Goals.

Myself, I looked at the books I have all over my house, and started really reading again. That means meaningful reading everyday, not just when I “have time”.   I also looked at my list of downloaded podcasts, and found plenty there too.  As it turns out, I have no lack of offline content to keep me busy.  I have lots of growing I want to do, and a TON of readily available resources to learn from.

When you can take negative energy and turn it on it’s ear with positive vibes from a great book, you have won!

So What Did I Learn From This Experience?

I am one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason. I think the reason I got “disconnected” for so long (three very long weeks!) was so I would slow down to pick up a few new life skills.  I sorely needed to take control of my life, as it was taking control of me, big time!  My positive energy was waning and I needed to expand it with some focused personal development.

One of my fave mentors to read/listen to lately is Tony Robbins.  He is the Master when it comes to empowering yourself to live a better life – this guy is constantly in my ear right now, and for good reason. 

Over and over again, I have been absorbing a short (1-1/2 hours) Awaken the Giant Within audio.

This is a book I already owned, but have never completed reading. The short audio I’ve been listening to is so powerful, yet it only covers the first couple chapters of the book!

There’s so much insight, right from the start!  This book is a true eye-opener, to say the least.


What I learned from Awaken the Giant Within is something that really amazes me; it’s the power we all have that we deny ourselves.  We deny ourselves because we don’t know any better.  We are so conditioned by society to think “normally” and inside the box.


I heartily believe that we have been conditioned to be what we are naturally not.

When you discover this natural and inherent power within yourself and you become aware of and understand it on a daily basis, I feel like it’s your duty and obligation to help others discover their own power within as well.  Turning negativity into positive energy starts with helping and serving others.

How Do You Do That? Lead By Example.  

First, read the book, it’s truly amazing. You will think so differently when you read this book and apply the simple principles Tony teaches.

Second, you don’t have to go out and  “preach it”, just be it.  Embrace the power you have within you to create the abundant life you deserve. Be the example you want to share with others.


I hope you got some value from this post; if so, please comment below or connect with me here on Facebook.

If you are interested in learning more about yourself and how you can become empowered to live your best life, here’s a link to Tony Robbins’ book, Unleash the Giant Within

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