Tools and Resources

Welcome! This page is always in progress! Please bookmark it and come back often to learn about many of the tools and resources, (free and paid), that you can use to grow your business successfully!

Every online marketer needs tools to run their business with.  Listed here are the basics.

I’ve included links to some of these tools – yes, they are my affiliate links – it’s part of how we make a living online, sharing links for the tools we use to run our businesses everyday.

Auto Responder

An Autoresponder allows you to communicate with your list.  Your list is your biggest asset, so don’t skimp on this.  Yes, you can absolutely go free to get started, but you have to start paying once you get to maybe 100 or more on your list.  I’m no too sure of the exact number because there are so many different companies to choose from.  You can google auto-responder pricing and I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you.  I personally use GetResponse because I really like the Landing Page builder it has built in.  It’s really easy to use, and it allows you to get very creative.


GoDaddy is where I decided to host my website and blog.  The price is always reasonable, and the support is excellent!  24/7 telephone support can’t be beat when you’re not very techie!  They will help you with EVERYTHING!

Domain Purchase

My domain purchases are always done through GoDaddy as well.  Always reliable.

Graphics & Design

If you want to do the work yourself, go to  Totally free graphics creation website.

If you want someone else to do it:

Fiverr – this is a great site to find someone to do almost anything for you, usually starting at $5.  It’s not just for graphics and design, either.  Check out all the categories to see what you can outsource.

Upwork is another place for outsourcing different parts of your work for you – this site is more


There’s only one place to go for funnels, and that’s Clickfunnels.  To me there is no other, as they have it all and it works great!