Take Steps To Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation Management is Everything!

Listen to Kevin O’Leary speak about why you MUST focus on your Online Reputation.  This is why now – more than ever before,  your Reputation Management, via Ratings and Reviews are so important to your business.

Whether or not you use and /or like online reviews and ratings personally, Reputation Management must be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

Consumers LOVE online reviews and use them daily to gain insight on everything from Amazon products to accountants, doctors, restaurants and car dealerships.  And so – due to this seemingly permanent trend – no business is excluded from being rated or reviewed, and it directly affects your online reputation.

  • 93% of consumers read local reviews to decide if a business is good or not
  • 48% of consumers need at least a four-star rating
  • 74% of users say they will not select a company with poor reviews
  • 68% of US consumers said that positive reviews made them more likely to use a business
  • Positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust a local business more
  • 77% of consumers thing that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant

Positive Online Reviews = Activity

Recent Activity = Authority


Positive Online Reviews & How To Get Them

The secret to getting a positive online reputation that gets good ratings and reviews – quickly and consistently – is a simple matter of…

ASKING YOUR CLIENTS at the point of sale!

Asking your most loyal and frequent customers to give you their fresh (recent) and honest (glowing) feedback gives you the leverage you need to raise your star rating to four and five stars consistently!

To get that feedback consistently and integrate it seamlessly with your business, you need a proven system that does all the work for you. 

You want to make it as easy as possible for your clients, especially! They are the ones who are taking the time to review your services, so making it quick and easy for them is essential!

You must also keep in mind that many people use these sites daily; they read about your company, paying attention to how recent the review and rating is.  You want them to see only your best, most up-to-date presentation of your business, right?

Which Review Sites Should You Focus On?

The greatest number of NEW reviews since 2015 are (not surprisingly) found on FaceBook and Google.  Those are the sites that the highest % of users go to.  Therefore, those are the review and rating sites that you want to focus on most.

What’s Your Online Reputation Worth To You?

If you could implement a proven Reputation Management system that protects and manages your online reputation brilliantly – without you having to do anything – what would that be worth to you? 

I can tell you that most companies pay heavily for this service because of the VALUE that it provides in protecting and maintaining their company’s online reputation.

We have THAT  system, and we can easily implement it for your company in the next 24-48 hours!

IMAGINE – Getting Nothing But 4 and 5 Star Reviews and Ratings For Your Company!

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Find out how this Reputation Management system works, what it can do for your current and ongoing online reputation and how AFFORDABLE  improving and monitoring your reputation can be! 

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