Social Media Marketing – Where Does Your Business Fit In?

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing has become the best technique to earn money online today.

Some people are already making fantastic incomes, while some others are getting nowhere with their efforts.  It’s not easy for everyone.

If you haven’t yet joined the social media marketing frenzy, there are a few things you should know before you get into this highly competitive and sometimes confusing, chaotic market.

You’ll Need To Pick A Strategy

Pick a strategy you feel good about and begin keeping an eye on the successful ones.

The easiest way to do that is to follow them and watch what they’re doing.  Call it spying if you want, but it’s the easiest way to discover why they’re so successful.  Then you mimic what they do, but you put your own unique twist on it.

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You’ll see the same successful marketers on social networking sites everywhere.  The really successful ones ARE everywhere!

Because these are “social” platforms, they require a lot of attention.  When you enter the world of social networking, no one knows who you are, so part of your job is to build your brand, show your personality and engage with others often.  In other words, as one of my mentors tells me – Get Out There! Be Sociable!

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Your Business Profile VS Your Personal Profile

Draw a line between your private life and business life online.  When you start on Facebook, for instance, you need to make a page for your business, and keep this separate from your personal profile.

Video or photos of you partying hard at the neighbourhood BBQ with a beer in your hand and a lampshade on your head might not sit well with your next coaching client, for example.

Few people will buy something from you, if they believe all you do is party all the time. The key is, keep your business and personal life separate online. 

Video Social Network Marketing

Have you thought about using video to market online?  YouTube is a great opportunity with an unbelievable amounts of video views each day.

If you want to be part of the video scene, find out how to make great videos and brand yourself by being in them.  Get over being camera shy; video making is so easy to do.  It involves a little learning and some practice.Video & Social Network Marketing

Video has become a vital component of marketing these days.  You see videos everywhere!  Websites, blogs, email, Facebook, even Twitter has them now!

By using a video platform, you are re-creating the old style way of marketing face-to-face. The key here is the face to face part; people like seeing your face.  They learn to like you and then trust you when you (seem to be) speaking directly to them in a video, especially when they begin seeing your videos all the time.

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Social Media Marketing & Attraction Marketing

When you’re doing business online, remember, there’s an art to online network marketing.  It’s called ATTRACTION MARKETING.

Always show your face and make sure you smile! You will never be successful if you hide behind a profile picture of your dog!

When people like what you write, or what you say, then they will naturally want to know more about you.

Practicing good ATTRACTION MARKETING principles is the only way to generate leads who want to work with you.

Think about those leads. They’re real people.  

Treat them as such.  Think about what THEY want, NOT what you want.

Brand yourself as a helper.

When you’re using any social media platform for your marketing, there are 2 things you’re doing:

  1. You are socializing
  2. You are building a business.

By practicing good ATTRACTION MARKETING principles, the two are blended easily and successfully.

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