Simple Video Marketing and Syndication

Simple Video Marketing and Syndication

I learned video marketing and syndication from Mark Harbert. To watch him in action, giving out amazing value, check out his new video series HERE.

In this short video, I show you how to syndicate your new video to get the most traction and momentum on it right from the start. I show you 3 places to share your videos and how to do it in a way that serves your purpose.

So, there you have it –   clear instructions on what to do with your videos once you have created them.  They won’t do anybody any good until you share them 🙂

By all means share your videos right away, and don’t just do what I told you about – go do more!  Syndicate your videos everywhere you can, because the more exposure you have, the more your business will grow!

I hope you got value from my video and the post too.  You can get on my newsletter HERE

 Feel free to share EVERYWHERE!!! LOL

If you want to begin Video Marketing for your business, check out the new product from Mark Harbert below.  Mark is a video marketing genius!  His No Fear Video Marketing system has been in the works for months!  

Mark clearly puts 100% +++ into everything he teaches, so there’s really “NO FEAR” in training with him.  And I really mean that.  He truly helps you get over the fear that most of us have in the beginning about doing videos.  I wouldn’t be making all these videos if it weren’t for him.  

Just sayin’.  I’m a student and a fan : )




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