Your Online Store – A Basic Setting Up Guide

If you are just getting started in E-Commerce, there are some basics that you need to create a successful online store. This checklist will give you those basics.  

E-Commerce your online store

Elements you must have for your Store:

  • Expected layout – make it visually appealing
  • Theme/template (Responsive – must look good on mobile)
  • Price, Image, CTA, Description above the fold
  • No pop ups that prevent users from leaving the page
  • Logo (Fiverr is great)
  • Clear call to action (CTA) to the next page
  • Solid copy
  • Video of the product (highly recommended)
  • Scarcity ( Time, Quantity, etc…) (app)
  • Promotion ( x% off ) (app)
  • Longer Product – Longer Sales Page with more Content (higher price, more elements)
  • Create a navigation menu
  • Edit Buy Button, if possible (depends on theme) (change text size to 36)
  • Add trust badges
  • Create sizing chart page where needed & add to product page
  • Select color swatches for product selection
  • Turn off ‘back in stock request form’

Pages you need to have to look like a PRO:

  • About Us page – make it interesting and lively!
  • Shipping & Returns page
  • FAQ page
  • Privacy Policy page
  • Contact us page

ALL or most of the elements listed here can be accessed within your Shopify store and the Shopify Apps Store. Almost ALL of them are FREE! 

Once you have all of the above, you need to consistently be on top of these elements;

  • Good copy for every product (name, description, guarantee) – speak directly to your customer here
  • Great Images – try Pixabay, Google, etc – make sure they are royalty-free
  • Call To Action (be clear: if they are adding to cart, then add to cart. if they are buying now, then buy now) make it stand out
  • Price (bold and clear)
  • Reviews – customer reviews make people more likely to buy
  • Live Chat (good if you can support it) – integrate with messenger
  • Variations (explain them)
  • Visual Modifications (explain them)


And finally, your Product Page needs to answer the questions your visitor asks subconsciously every time they visit your page;

  • Do I know exactly what this product is, what it looks like?
  • Do I know exactly how this product works?
  • Do I know how large or small this product is, and where I’m going to put it/how it’s going to fit me?
  • Do I know if this product can be shipped to me, and am I willing to pay the cost? (free shipping = higher conversion rates)
  • Do I know if I can return it easily?
  • Do I trust this brand (support, quality guarantee, safe checkout)?

Use the above checklist as a guideline to set up your store

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