Are You Mindful?  Can It Benefit You?

Being “mindful” seems like it ‘s something that’s reserved for those who meditate all day and seem to be very ethereal…lol…does this mean that you can be mindful in your reality, in your real world?
You can, and you should.  
You should always be aware of what is going on in your present moment, and how it feels to you.
For instance, if your gut feels nasty when you are dealing with someone you don’t know well, it’s likely a sign telling you not to do business with them.
Being aware of your vibration and the vibrations of those around you is what mindfulness is.
Vibrations tell you everything. You feel vibrations in your gut.
We’ve all had those “gut feelings” before, we just don’t tend to always pay attention to them.
If you want to learn to be successful, start paying attention to how you feel, first and foremost.

Use Your Mindfulness To Benefit You

Your gut knows.  Why aren’t you paying attention to it?
When decisions have to be made, your gut will always tell you if your decision is “off” or not.  Many people think that trusting your gut isn’t logical, and so it can’t possibly work.  Not true.  Not true at all.
Successful people trust their gut to guide them to the right decisions for their path.  

I am so very mindful each day now since I have discovered the benefits of really tuning in and listening to people when they speak.  My gut tells me so much!

It’s no longer just their words that I hear, but the vibration around their words that tell me so much.  With practice, you can also discover this skill and use it to your advantage in business.

Practicing mindfulness every day in all aspects of your life will enrich your life tenfold!

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