5 Life Lessons Learned From The Little Prince

the little princeThe Little Prince is a poetic tale in which a pilot stranded in the desert meets a young prince fallen to Earth from a tiny asteroid.

The story (which has also been made into a movie) is philosophical, remarking on the strangeness of the adult world. It can be very strange, can’t it?

Over the course of eight days stranded in the desert, as the narrator attempts to repair his plane, the little prince recounts the story of his life, and from there our lessons are gathered.

Five Life Lessons Learned from The Little Prince

1) We must reconnect with our childhood creativity.

Creativity and imagination are good for your health. Creative people daydream and search for new experiences and ask the right questions.

As we grow older we move away from that creativity and sometimes we even stop the flow.

When we stop being creative, we stop living.

Creativity comes from imagination. Imagination thrives when it is beckoned within you and you let it flow. Let go and be creative. Live your life creatively.

Most adults live in a world of strict realism never letting imagination take them anywhere and thinking imagination is only for children.

That’s such a ridiculous way of thinking!  Open your mind!  Let your imagination soar! Commit to being more creative in your work and your play!

Creativity in business is essential – you can’t follow the crowd if you want to stand out! 

And, you will do yourself a huge favour in business if you think and work from a creative state of mind, instead of from a competitive state of mind.


2). To appreciate the simple pleasures in life you’ve got to be less serious.

Laugh MORE!the little prince laughing

Don’t take yourself so seriously! Laugh it up daily.

Laughter actually improves the quality of your life as it lifts your spirits.

Look at Ellen for instance.  Why do you think people love watching her?

Because they get a good laugh, it makes them feel good, it might be the best or even the only laugh of their day. But they watch because it makes them feel good!

Do you take time out of your busy schedule to appreciate the lighter moments? 

Take ten minutes to watch Ellen, lol.  Think about something that makes you feel good, just because.

Go to youtube and hit the comedy channel or a music video that makes you happy!  Get HAPPY!  SMILE. LAUGH! And do it OFTEN!!!

Raise your vibration to highest level you can achieve in the moment.

Appreciation of the little pleasures makes life taste better even when life gets bitter.

If you’re constantly in a state of worry or stress you need to take time to love and appreciate what you have and where you are, or even how far you’ve come.

Get that feeling back that says “yes! this is what makes me feel good, this is what rocks my world!”

Bringing up good, happy memories can induce these feelings as long as you don’t counter it with a negative reaction as in “yeah but I’m not there yet” or “I used to think that way and then I grew up”

You’ve got to let the laughter in and just let go!

In 2014, Loma Linda University in California conducted a study which found that people who laughed more often have better short-term memory and are less stressed.

Other studies have even shown that a sense of humour can protect against heart disease.

 In business, taking yourself too seriously can hurt your chances of success. If you take your failures too seriously, you won’t get the lesson they provide because you’ll be too busy beating yourself up over the mistake. 

Lighten up.  You’ll attract more business to you, as well.  Nobody wants to work with a sourpuss!

3). Take time for yourself so you can better appreciate every moment.

Be present in the present instead of rushing onto the next thing. Get off the hamster wheel at least once a day so your head can stop spinning.

Get quiet. Sit alone for five or ten minutes a couple of times a day.  And don’t say you don’t have time. You have showers. You have a commute to work. There’s nooks and crannies in every single day.

Everyone has the same 24 hours each day.  You have to make the time if you want your quality of life to get better.

Meditation is a very important tool for many people. It’s not hard to do but like anything it takes practice and some time to really reap the benefits.

But it only takes as long as you want it to.  Really, you can benefit from it very quickly or you can take a long time to get the benefits. 

It’s about placing your focus where it will benefit you the most. 

More focus, more benefit, just like anything else.

What I mean by that is, if you focus on just doing the meditation instead of “fitting it into my day” or “getting it done and checked off my to-do list” then it will benefit you.

When you practice meditation daily it will become part of your natural routine, just like brushing your teeth – you don’t need to put it on your to do list, you just do it.

The other part of taking time for yourself so you can better appreciate every moment, is getting the proper sleep.

Lack of rest and sleep is a destroyer of the body and can be catastrophic to your health. Living life stressed and not rested can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, mood swings, memory problems, and so many other dis-eases.  Get the right amount of sleep each night.

Burning the candle at both ends leads to destruction of the candle.  There’s nothing left to light the way.

In business, clarity is very important. Clarity of mind helps you see what you want to achieve.  You can’t see it if you don’t take the time to sit and be quiet inside each day, and get a good night’s sleep.

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4). Have the courage to explore outside of your comfort zone.

We stay in our comfort zones far too long sometimes, never growing, staying safe. Why?

Fear of the unknown (imagined),

fear of failure (imagined)

fear of leaving behind our old ways (change)

fear of losing friends(more change) because they’re not on the same path.

This is what keeps us in our comfort zones for too long. Stepping away from the fear brings us growth, makes us stronger, more confident, and more willing to do it again because of the benefits we have now reaped.

 You can’t reap until you leap!

Comfort zones are boring and always the same. Life is full of variety and change. If you want to enjoy your life you must accept change because it is constant.

Time stands still for no one.

Life is too short to stay in your comfort zone, not living life the way we were intended to live it.

Try new experiences, meet new people, travel the world.

The anxiety you experience when you face your challenges will pass, and when it does, it will likely lead you to become

  • more efficient,
  • more confident,
  • make better decisions,
  • make more money,
  • be better at your work and
  • help more people.

In business, comfort zones are dangerous.  As soon as you recognize that you are comfortable where you are, it’s time to do some growing.  Growth is essential to your business.

5). Follow your heart, cause it knows.

The only way to discover what matters to you is to pay attention to how something makes you feel.

That’s it. Simple. Follow your gut/ instinct /heart and be spontaneous.

 In business, that means that your first instinct is usually the right path.  Analytics and reason will come into play, but your gut will tell you every time, if it’s the right path for you.


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