Branding YOU! Why It’s So Important & How To Create YOUR “Brand”

No company you join will ever teach you this, but as a network marketer, you SHOULD be branding yourself.

Are you nuts?!, you say.  Nobody wants to see me!  How would branding me even work? I am not a brand!?!

To explain; Branding You is not about getting a logo, it’s about the way you market your product or service to your audience.  

To brand yourself, you must stand out from the crowd and let your uniqueness shine through!

Here’s the link to the hangout we did, all about Branding You

Branding YOU means you market to your audience in a completely different way.

  • Not by blasting the company name all over your Facebook or Instagram account.  
  • Not by wearing all the apparel and accessories (buttons, hats, etc.)
  • Not by focusing on the product at all

Here’s the thing  – No matter what, wherever you go, there you are.

YOU are the constant in any venture you take on, so why not stand out and attract people to YOU?

When you focus on Branding Youyou are the attraction, not the company you are a rep for.

When you start providing value to your target market, that begins to create YOUR brand.

When you provide value consistently, people begin to notice and know you, and they want to join and connect with you no matter what company you’re with.

When that starts to happen, you have created your brand.  Your brand is YOU.

So, Why NOT Shout Out Your Company Name Everywhere?

What do you think that does (and doesn’t do) for your business?

Branding the company creates:

  • that icky feeling amongst visitors to your page – they don’t want to be pitched
  • you are forever branded, yes, branded, as the (company name) person 
  • more exposure for the company, but not for YOU

Branding YOU creates:

  • a steady stream of targeted customers/prospects/clients
  • leadership opportunities
  • credibility
  • recognition
  • higher percieved value

How you can create your own brand

  • Build on your own strengths
  • Be nobody but YOU
  • Start a blog and use it to create interesting content for your audience
  • Create and share content that hits on pain points and presents a solution
  • Develop an email list and commit to bringing personal value to them
  • Find ways to help others. Get involved. Volunteer. Connect people with each other.
  • Affiliate yourself with leaders and influencers by getting involved online, too
  • BE BOLD!  Don’t stay in bland-land and fade into the landscape


For a great infographic –The Complete A to Z Guide To Personal Branding, go HERE.

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