Social Media Marketing Tips – Effective Productivity Tips


Internet Marketing Insights – Effective Productivity Tips

This is Dani Cloutier coming to you from Ontario, Canada, and this is day 3 in my little video challenge for myself (day 3 of 30, that is), so I’m glad you’re still with me.  What I have for you today are some effective productivity tips from one of my mentors at MLSP and I’m just gonna read them to you and just explain briefly.

  • The first tip right out of the gate is making a plan; because if you’re not making a plan you’re planning to fail.  You know how the old saying goes – fail to plan, plan to fail.  And that’s absolutely true, that goes back to the first video I made about goal-setting.
  • Goal-setting is the big picture, making your daily plans, you know, your daily or weekly plans are, are sort of like your mini goals, and you need to celebrate them as well as the big goals, when you achieve them. You don’t have to have a party every time, but you know, acknowledge them. At least to let you know that you have come that far.

It’s really important you keep doing that all along. It’s also part of your personal development. As you go along you’re going to be getting more and more into the personal development part too.


  •  Another tip I wanna  to give you here is using a stopwatch or a timer for each task.  Each task shouldn’t go any more than 50 minutes without a break. you need to get up from your desk, (that is actually tip # 3) after that timer goes off and take a little walk around, do a little bit of stretching,  go to the other end of the house, go up the stairs, go down the stairs. whatever it is that you want to do for five minutes,but you need to get your circulation going to always keep your body moving.
  • and I’m just gonna throw in here that you need to be drinking water while you’re working all day. drink water not coffee, it’s better for you.
  •  And the third tip is I’m going to say here is no multi-tasking.
    if you’re going to focus, FOCUS!

Because when you start to try doing the multi-tasking thing, every bit of productivity is completely diminished because nothing really gets done. It’s all kind of washed out and you get a little bit done here, and little bit done there, and it just doesn’t work.  So staying focused on the task at hand is the best way.  You get so much more done.  When I learned this one thing – to quit multi-tasking and really create focus in my work, it really made a big difference.

  • OK and the other thing is avoid all distractions.  Turn off your cell phone unless you’re using it for your business. Stay off social media unless that’s what you’re working in otherwise, it’s just a distraction. It’s such a  time-sucker and everybody knows that. 

So those are a couple productivity tips that I hope will help you out today. I’m trying to keep these videos short and sweet so you can get right back to your task at hand.

  1. Don’t forget to get up and take those breaks 
  2. drink lots of water
  3. avoid distractions
  4. stay on task by using a stopwatch or timer 
  5. make sure you create your plan every single day

Tomorrow I’m going to talk to you about the activities you do and how you can turn them into habits that serve you.

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