Can You Achieve Your Retirement Dreams When It's So Close?

What Are Your Retirement Plans?

My name is Danielle Cloutier and I am almost 54 years young. I have had many jobs and a couple of career changes in my life – I was a hairstylist for ten years, then I went to college to become a Red Seal Chef, which I did for 17 years.

As a hairstylist, I had my own salon for 5 years. After that, I worked for many employers through the years, but I almost always had something going “on the side”.

word of mouth
Word of Mouth Marketing

I did MLMs, direct sales, home parties, handmade arts and crafts, catering, personal Chef work, etc.  I even created my own spice line, which I will probably get back into when I retire, lol…

The last two years have been a little different tho. I work for a small business in my hometown of Sarnia.  I am a hand-dyer of fine yarns, and I love it. I have a good boss and I get to use my creativity every day.

I also get to work the “normal hours” that most people work, you know – Monday to Friday, 9-5. Having always worked weekends, this is a real treat for me. I love having my nights and weekends free.

The reason I say the last two years have been a little different is because I now find myself in my final year(s) of working for someone else before I retire to live out my dreams the way I want to.

RETIRE!? How Am I Supposed To Retire? I Have No  Pension!

What the hell am I gonna do now??? Hmmm, maybe a little more than “something on the side” perhaps?

A little extra income “on the side” won’t cut it for my retirement. I need something substantial to carry me through my next thirty or forty years, cause I’m not leavin early, lol.  I’ve got way too many things I want to do, and it’s gonna take a while 🙂

As well, I’m not going to spend the next ten or more years working on someone elses’ dream and putting mine aside, yet again. I have my own dreams, and they are bigger and more magnetic than ever before.


So, What’s A Girl To Do?

Well, I’m no stranger to the internet…I got my first email address in 1994 when I was in college, and I’ve had a computer in my home ever since.

I’ve watched lots of internet “gurus” come and go. I’ve learned a lot about internet marketing and all the stuff the goes with it. I have spent many $$$$$ on many courses and, yes, a couple of those “gurus” got my $$$.

In the end I have gained a ton of great, usable knowledge and resources that I have used to make a little bit of $$$ with. But I have never focused my attention on it so much as I am now, simply because I didn’t realize how much value I had to offer other people until it was pointed out to me by a colleague.

I am what you might call a “seasoned newbie”. I’ve been around long enough to have learned many tips and tricks that the big marketers use. I know who and what to stay away from.

But, in essence, I am still an internet “income newbie”, and I say that because I have never generated an income that matched what my job income was.

Attraction Marketing System

I have the knowledge, the tools and the know-how to create my own income. 

I subscribe to all the big guys to get their success tips. I make a monthly income, but it is tiny.  For now. marketing-tools

For 40 hours a week, I work for someone else. That doesn’t leave me much time, but it’s enough. I will make it enough, no matter what because I am on a journey to create the abundant retirement of my dreams.   If I can produce a tiny income,  then with a little more focus, I can produce a much bigger one .

What Are My Dreams, You Ask…

I want to go on many road trips with my guy Bill. We have a dream of traveling across Canada in an RV, making many stops along the way to meet new friends and enjoy life fully; eating great food, golfing, fishing and blogging along the way 🙂 

I want to be able to pick up and go see my kids and my brother in Alberta whenever I want to, instead of only when I can.


I have the tools, the training, the knowledge and now I have the community support necessary to produce an online income that will be big enough to create and sustain my retirement lifestyle dreams.

I have no doubt this will happen. I know what I have to do and

I know how to do it.

When it was pointed out to me – the value I have that I can share with others – I realized there’s a lot of other people out there who also want to retire comfortably but don’t have a company pension to look forward to.

So my “why”, (as they say in this industry) – my WHY is a comfortable retirement that lets me live the way I want to live, and to bring as many of my friends with me on that ride as want to go.

I have no doubt that retirement will be a blast, and I’m excited that I get to create that blast myself!  I just have to scale up that little “something on the side” until it becomes a comfortable residual income that I can retire me and my guy with.

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What’s Your WHY?

If you have a dream, no matter what your age is, you can achieve it. I truly believe that.  Your thoughts will change your life if you decide to change them enough that you can hold a new perspective.

I know I’m not waiting around for a government cheque that amounts to nothing but budgeting for my food for the rest of my years.  NO Thank You!!!

I want to live the rest of my life laughing, having fun, making new friends and enjoying every moment along the way.

As Tom Cochrane says in the song – “Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long. If you’re going my way, I want to drive it all night long”


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