Social Media Marketing Tips – Activity and Habit

Activity and Habit

Hi this is Dani Cloutier coming to you from Ontario Canada.
I want to ask you a question today about your activities an your habits.

So, which activities are you doing on a daily basis that are actual habits in your business, and which activities are you doing because you have thought to do them that day or because you put them on your to-do list?

What about if you took your money-making activities such as creating content, posting content, meeting people every day; that daily activity and turn into a daily habit so that you automatically do that without even having to think about it.

Because one of the questions people primarily ask when they’re getting into this business is, “what do I do?”, and “what activity should I be should I be doing?”

Your mentors will tell you that the things that you should be focusing on first of all, are money-making activities, and that is like what I just said – creating content, putting it out there, and getting involved in communities and so on. Those activities, in order for you to be successful in your business, you need to make a daily habit of them.

Now, it takes approximately 21 days to create a daily habit. I just created a new habit in my life, and it took me about 21 days but I made a daily habit of writing in my gratitude journal. I’m writing in it every day now, and now, I’m about 45 days into it and I’m feeling, I really feel it if I don’t do it. It’s actually really become a habit for me.

So that’s what you want to do with your activities – be so daily consistent with them, and do them at the same time every day; be so consistent that you actually miss doing it if you don’t do it for whatever reason.

So one of the points that I wanted to make about turning your activities into habits, is before you can create a new habit you really do have to have a belief, a REAL belief, that the habit will benefit you, that there will be a reward at the end of the day, basically.

So, like my gratitude journal – my reward is, it really makes me feel good and you know, that’s why am going to continue to do it. I’m not going to stop doing it now – why would I stop doing something makes me feel good?!

So maybe the reward in your business-(hopefully, the reward in your business) is, when you put out content, you might get a lead from it, or maybe you make a sale from it.

So you’re always planting your seeds and and putting yourself out there, making your activities these daily habits and putting them out there so that you know in the end that you’re going to be rewarded.

You are building a business, so you will be rewarded with a

regular income; provided you stay consistent and turn

money-making activities into daily habits.

And just remember- habits are completely changeable. An alcoholic can become sober. You know, real bad habits, real stuck in your, in your, in your YOU habits, can be changed.

You just have to have a belief that you can change them, you want to change them, and you have to be consistent.

Consistency is key.growth

So, turn your money-making activities 

into daily habits and watch your business grow

Start making those money-making activities that you’re doing all the time anyways into daily habits that you do automatically; so automatic, that it feels off when you’re not doing them; then you know, you’ve ingrained it in your soul!

That’s what you want to do to move your business forward.

I hope this has helped you today and if it has, I’ve got lots more marketing tips and tricks and all kinds of really great training from some very successful professionals in the business.

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Bye for now, see you next time 🙂


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